North Korea and the Possibility of the Third World War

Growing tensions between the United States and both the nations of North Korea and Iraq have led me to believe that they will be part of the next world war.

Recently, North Korea sentenced two journalists to twelve years in hard labor. I believe that the journalists had no intention of breaking the border crossing law, and that the N. Korean court only did this to anger and aggravate Americans. Furthermore, North Korea has been experimenting with nuclear missile testing "secretly", although it was strictly banned by the Geneva Convention. I believe that the nation’s leader is crazy and insane and is trying to dominate the world, just like Germany tried. Proof of this comes from the fact that the leader believed that world history began when his father was born, so in N. Korea, it’s somewhere around the year 100.

If tensions between North Korea and the United States as the rest of the world increases, then we could see a new nuclear war. North Korea and Axis powers against the United States and Allies. Again.