Post-school dreams

One weird thing that happens to me year after year is that I dream about school long after it’s over. My school year ends in June, but these kinds of dreams last until Mid-July, where they slowly fade away.

Last year, I dreamed of my school as a multi-level skyscraper, where I was going up and down all kinds of staircases and elevators, running around and confused. This year, I’ve been dreaming of walking up to the bus stop days after school is already over. The weird thing is, in each of these dreams, I’ve been walking in snow up to my bus stop! In one of my dreams, I had to climb a mountain to get back home, and while I was climbing that mountain, I discovered a hidden underground organization planning to destroy the world. Weird stuff.

I think that this condition is quite predominant in teenage minds, since they spend a large chunk of their 24-hour day at school or sleeping. So for all you teens out there, tell me if you’ve had any of these weird dreams, and if so, describe them.