Stupid moonfruit!

There was this competition that surfaced through Twitter a couple of days ago. Twitter users could tweet their way to winning a MacBook Pro. To do this, the user would have to use the tag “#moonfruit” in each of his or her tweets in creative ways. The competition is projected to last ten days, but I wish it was over now.

First of all, I don’t think this is a real competition. Whoever is running it is giving away 17,000 dollars worth of stuff (MacBook Pros cost 1,700 dollars). It’s sort of like the days at school where a student throws up a ten dollar bill in the air amid hundreds of schoolmates, just to see utter chaos ensue when the bill falls to the ground. The competition is just a scheme to crash Twitter by making users spam Twitter with senseless “#moonfruit” tags in each post, as random as the tag may be. In fact, “#moonfruit” made it to the top of the trending topics in Twitter. This scheme also makes the users seem like three year olds begging their moms: “can I have a piece of candy” every five minutes. Saying a random word over and over makes you look like a retard. Yes, the runners of this competition pick “winners”, but that’s just so that people would continue robotically pummeling Twitter with this stupid word.

I wish the runner of this so-called competition would just step forward and admit that this is no competition, that it’s just a devious scheme to gain recognition. Furthermore, he’d have to give his apologies to everyone who posted the “#moonfruit” tag, one by one. Hopefully in the future, these kinds of mass-spammings won’t occur.