It's the Fourth!

Today is Independence Day. It feels like just a month ago I was in my grandparents’ room watching our neighbors launch fireworks. Time has passed very quickly.

Every July 4th, we watch our neighbors launch little fireworks as well as the big fireworks shows in Seattle from our house. Last year, one of our neighbors launched an illegal firework while a police car was driving by. Pieces of the firework went into a house roof, and luckily, the house didn’t burn.

One thought on “It's the Fourth!”

  1. I’m going to my mom’s (and mine now) boss’s house for the 4th. We always have an awesome party and fireworks show. All in all, we spent about fifteen hundred dollars on fireworks alone, not counting food and other things. It’s going to be awesome. I’m gonna record it with my video camera and upload it to YouTube.

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