Make Your Piano Sound Better

I always dreaded the sound of my upright piano. It didn’t sound as good as a grand piano. But one day, I discovered, on accident, how to make it sound just like a grand piano.

I moved my piano away from the wall. It was that simple. Didn’t cost me any money or consume my time.

Before, my piano sounded so soft and shallow in tone. The sound didn’t come out as clear as I wished. When I move my piano away from the wall, the tones come out much more clearly, the tone is more rich and full, especially in the bass, and reinforced in the treble as well. I found that it was easier to play now because of this.

If you have an upright piano, try moving it six inches away from your wall. That way, the sound isn’t just coming towards you, it’s coming out from all sides of the piano instead of being forced through the wall.

Please see the below recordings for a demonstration: here for the OGG version, and here for the MP3 version. If you are using Firefox 3.5 and up, the OGG version should work fine.