This Blog Needs a New Title

Seriously, the name “Deathgleaner’s Blog” is very boring, bland, and un-original. Blogs like Rough Drafts (EasyBib’s Blog) have better names. I’m reaching out to my blog readers to come up with a better name for this blog. Please comment and tell me your idea. Thank you!

UPDATE: Hmmm… maybe something like DeathPress Blog? I don’t know.

UPDATE: Okay, since everything I write here is just random miscellany pulled out of my head, it should have something associated with “mind”.

UPDATE: Blog renamed to “Mind and Miscellany”. What do you think? I’ve also tagged a few posts that I forgot to tag earlier.

UPDATE: Yeah, I thought about the blog title and it’s not as good as I thought it would be. Most people who read this blog don’t know what “miscellany” means. I’m thinking of a new title. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: No suggestions, but I thought of a new name, “Thought Box”. Much better.

One thought on “This Blog Needs a New Title”

  1. Hmmm…

    Think of the blog name the same creative way you thought of the name of your poetry booklet… I can’t think of any names myself, though. Sorry.

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