Now Posting from myBlogEdit

This is the third application for blogging that I’ve tried. It’s called myBlogEdit by MOApp. You can find the application at here (Mac OS only).
So far, the application is great. It’s like ScribeFire, but as an application, not an addon. The blog editor has a simple interface quite similar to ScribeFire. It allows for multiple accounts, but only supports WordPress, Movable Type, TypePad, and ExpressionEngine. Blogspot, as far as I know, is not supported.
One of the most striking differences I’ve seen in this app is that it’s mostly HTML-based. This may scare you at first, but you really don’t need to know any HTML. You can type in the application as you would write a regular blog post or email. But if you want to format your blog post to have small letters, emphasized text,

or preformatted text,

then it might take a while to get used to. There is actually a menu containing HTML tags with descriptions of what the tags do, like emphasized text, blockquote, etc. The editor also comes with HTML syntax highlighting.
Another difference from ScribeFire is the ability to add tags, not Technorati tags, but actual WordPress tags that will be included in your post. You also get a handy sidebar with a list of previous blog entries which can be edited.
The worst part about this application is that it is not free. You must purchase the editor to get the full advantage. If not purchased, myBlogEdit will only let you post or edit up to fifteen times. Pretty lame.
This is the most advanced blog editor I have used so far. Luckily I know a bit of HTML, so the application seems much simpler. I wish for this blog editor to have a visual text editor and support more blogging platforms, as well as categories in WordPress (which I never use). Other than that, this application deserves an 8/10 and I recommend it to anyone who blogs prolifically, and will only publish 15 more blog entries. If you are going to blog more than 15 times, this application is great to try, but the limit is really annoying and just for that, I give the application a 5/10 and will leave it up to you to decide if you want to download the application or not.
NEW DEVELOPMENT: For the trial version, the Publish button does not work. Sure, the editor is all fancy, but if the publish button doesn’t work, then it’s a piece of crap. Rating downgraded to 1/10. I avoid giving it a 0 since it works for the most part.