Reblog: The Heat Wave is Here

This blog post first appeared on Onekopakaspace Blog under the title “The heat wave is here” and has since been edited by its author for use on this blog.

The forecast for Western Washington says at least four days in the 90 degrees Fahrenheit range, and we could even be setting some records this week. The official all-time high for Seattle is 100 degrees F, and some weather forecasters predict that the temperature may be as high as 104 degrees F at Sea-Tac International Airport, the official weather gauge location for the Seattle area, on Wednesday of this week.

Yesterday, I was driving home when I saw a few menacing clouds that looked like thunder clouds. They were towards the east, so I reasoned there might be some kind of thunderstorm there. Today, I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky. It’s 85 degrees in my house, 95 outside, and not many people here have air conditioning. At least I have a fan.

So for all of you feeling this heat, drink plenty of water and don’t move around too much unless you have to. Stay cool!