R.I.P @dgoldfish

My dead goldfish
My dead goldfish

My dead goldfishI woke up this morning in shock, finding my eldest goldfish lying in the water upside down at an awkward angle, not moving, not breathing, not responding, and lifeless. The two other goldfish living with him in the same tank were still alive.
My eldest goldfish died from lack of space to swim and oxygen to breathe, since he was confined to a small tank only designed for small goldfish. He was put in that tank just five days prior to his death.

I do not know the year of Dgoldfish’s birth, but when I first got him, he was no larger than an inch in length, and he looked about one year old (in 2005). We took him home and over the next six months, he grew rapidly, almost to his current size. It took him a year to achieve that. We also had another goldfish in the same tank, and he too, grew quite large.

We decided that it was time to move the two goldfish into a larger tank, so we did. Then one morning, the other goldfish jumped out of his bowl and suffocated from lack of oxygen. He died, and we buried him in the garden in the front yard.
Dgoldfish was now all alone. Life got boring. Then, I decided to set up my goldfish with a Twitter account (@dgoldfish). He was happy to be able to share bits and pieces of his life with the Twitterverse. When we got two new goldfish from friends, they, too, obtained their Twitter accounts (@dgoldfish2 and @dgoldfish3).

But now, Dgoldfish is dead, and Dgoldfish2 and Dgoldfish3 have also left to be raised up by another family. There are no goldfishes in my home now. It’s an unfortunate end to my eight years’ experience raising goldfish.

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