I’ve been trying out this music notation program called MuseScore. It can do some pretty awesome stuff, like mega-glissandos as shown below:crazy glissando

They are pretty crazy aren’t they?

I DARE YOU to try them out. See how much it hurts your hand. You can also access a PDF version here: crazy glissando

Listen to a recording of these played by a professional (NOT): Oh, and if that link doesn’t work because you’re using a crappy browser, then head on over to

(Well actually, some of the notes are below the range of a standard piano so good luck!)

UPDATE: Added a nice coda at the end. Good luck with that!

3 thoughts on “TRY THIS IF YOU DARE”

    1. Yeah, mm. 1-2 would be very easy since you’re not using your fingers and it doesn’t hurt as much, but measures 3-4 would still be difficult, because unless you have hella long arms, it would be impossible to cross them over each other to get the lowest and highest notes. I’d like to see a recording of someone playing such glissandos.

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