Top Ten Reasons why Internet Explorer 6 Sucks

We all know that fact, that IE6 sucks, or do we? Apparently, 15-20% of the online population using Internet Explorer doesn’t know. So here’s to the people using the crappy browser:

  1. Crappy page rendering- Internet Explorer 6 was introduced in a time where HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS were still emerging technologies. They’ve gotten way better now, but IE6 hasn’t. Nearly every website I visit with IE6 is messed up in some way.
  2. Slow as a snail- Browsers have gotten undoubtedly faster and Internet Explorer is still crawling along with it’s slow rendering engine.
  3. Plain interface- The buttons for IE6 look so bland, un-interesting and huge, a far cry from what Firefox, Safari, and IE8 have.
  4. It’s old and outdated- For computer software, time doesn’t heal, it destroys, just like what Newton said in his Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  5. No extendability- Firefox, Opera, and IE8 all have extendability features, be it add-ons or widgets. Who’s ever heard of that in Internet Explorer 6?
  6. It’s being ditched as we speak- Right now, over 150 companies are letting go of IE6 by displaying a banner to IE6 users to upgrade, or just denying IE6 users access to their website.
  7. Almost everyone, especially web developers and “nerds”, hate it- Speak to anyone out there who knows computers and you’ll hear them say IE6 sucks one way or another. These people are intelligent and this time, what the public says is true.
  8. Lack of security- Internet Explorer’s security “wall” is like swiss cheese — tons of holes for spyware, malware, and viruses to get into your system.
  9. Besides #8, there’s hardly any features- Private browsing, add-ons, security checks, tabs, advanced error console — all missing.
  10. There’s better browsers out there- Either Internet Explorer sucks or every other browser is just way better… or both, and I’ll bet you a rock could beat Internet Explorer for speed and security.

You all know me, I’m an Internet Explorer 6 hater. I just wanted to whine about this crappy old browser, and I will continue doing so until every last copy of Internet Explorer 6 is crushed, deleted, incinerated, and sealed in a nuclear fuel depository for the rest of history.

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