Magic Mouse Review: Part 2


After testing out the Magic Mouse, I must revise what I said before. The Magic Mouse is like any regular mouse gone through Apple’s minimalism factory. It works as well as any other mouse, and there are actually buttons. In fact, the mouse is just one button. This would invalidate my comment about how there are no buttons. The click sound is also as fresh as ever.

One cool feature about the Magic Mouse is that you can scroll with momentum. It’s more like inertia, where an object keeps moving when forces stop acting on it. It’s great for applications like Safari (and it has a nice natural feel to it,) but I prefer it off since on applications like Google Earth the zoom continues even if you stop scrolling. As a side note, I like to take my hand off the mouse completely while zooming; it’s just easier that way although it causes the mouse to move just a bit. However, it’s really amazing how it’s so touch responsive; i barely have to use any pressure to operate it and i can use the zoom feature anywhere.

There was only one major bad thing. The scroll “wheel” allows for 360 degrees of freedom, but scrolling diagonally causes things to be shaky. It’s more of a combination of walking up/down stairs really fast then it is a smooth movement.

Other touch motions include swiping to go back/forth, and rotating, which didn’t appear to work. I also wish that the Magic Mouse had a pinch zoom-in/out feature, although my friend claims there’s not enough space.

However, touch technology for the price of 69 dollars still isn’t worth it. The concept is cool and it works, but not the price. I give the Magic Mouse an 8/10 but do not recommend it unless you’re one of those rich peoples.