…And THIS, is why you should ALWAYS finish your thoughts!

So a guy named David was listening to the teacher about foods in Japan. The teacher said “on Monday, students, please bring shitake mushrooms so we can sample them.”

David is very organized, so he keeps a to-do list. He wrote in his to-do list “Bring shitake mushrooms on Monday,” but before he could finish the word “shitake,” his friend called him over: “I need your help, NOW.” Quickly, David put down his pencil and went to his friend’s desk.

The teacher walks by to see what the students are doing. On David’s to-do list, the teacher sees: “Bring shit.”

“DAVID!” screams the teacher. David looks at the teacher, all surprised. The teacher accuses David of writing cuss words and threatening the good of the order, and gives him after-school detention. Now, since this teacher is harsh, she leaves no room for arguments.

…and THIS, is why you should ALWAYS finish your thoughts!

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