Quick Look: On the other hand, TweetCaster is pretty good

After getting really pissed off with Uber Twitter, I decided to look for more Twitter applications. I found one called TweetCaster.
Unlike Uber(fail)Twitter, TweetCaster actually works. Its interface is more elegant, although I have to admit that each individual tweet takes up more space than it needs to. No ads, and there’s actually a toolbar showing mentions, tweets, direct messages, search, trending topics, and these aren’t crammed into a huge menu, and it doesn’t take three minutes to load tweets. But like Uber Twitter, the app does freeze from time to time (maybe it’s just my phone)

And one more minor thing – the automatic refresh is 30 seconds at the least.

My recommendation – if you’re hunting for a Twitter app, this app is your best shot. I give it a 7/10 and recommend it, especially over Uber(fail)Twitter.