Quick Look: Über Twitter really sucks

I installed Über Twitter last night on my BlackBerry and began using it. Pardon me, but it took FOREVER to load all the tweets. I would have gotten them faster if I went to mobile Twitter. Favoriting, mentioning, and replying don’t come in a convenient toolbar at the bottom, instead, they’re crammed into the application menu along with thirty million other things. Plus, there’s ads on the top that take up a lot of space. Then, it freezes constantly and the only way to exit the app is to remove the battery and wait patiently for a 10-minute restart.

Of course, there are some good things to say about Über Twitter. It has a lot of cool features, like tweet shortening, URL shortening, and DM vew in your timeline.

Über Twitter is good for viewing tweets, but nothing else. It deserves a fine 3/10 so DON’T GET IT.

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