How Wii Sports makes sports a walk in the park

Wii Sports, sadly, is NOT the same as regular sports. All you get is a Wiimote and are expected to interpret it as five different things. However, this doesn’t really work well.

  1. Wii Sports TennisTennis: You can swing very light and the controller still recognizes your movement. You do not need a proper swinging motion to aim the ball (yes, it has trouble distinguishing backhand and forehand serves.)
  2. Wii Sports BaseballBaseball: Similar to tennis, it does not require human power. There is text on the screen that gives you tips, and you do not need to operate players on the outfield or the infield besides the pitcher and the batter. Also, I find it funny that none of the Miis have legs except the pitcher and batter and the amputated Miis all bounce in place of running.
  3. BowlingBowling: You can throw the ball in any which direction and it will still roll. You can even throw the ball straight up and it still works. Again, proper stance is not needed.
  4. Wii Sports GolfGolf: This is perhaps the most simplified version. You get a gauge and a map at the bottom of your screen that helps approximate your shot. Golfers don’t get this info. Also, wind speed is provided. Switching clubs is a walk in the park, and wind speeds are fixed for each course.
  5. BoxingBoxing: Although I haven’t tried this much, you can recover from a knockout just by repetitive motion of pressing a button. Also, you don’t need any sense of direction.

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