A Look Back at 2009 on Thought Box

All statistics shown below are for the entire year of 2009 AD.

Top 5 posts

Most popular: Phony weight loss. An average of six views per day, every day, is attained on this post.

Most controversial: Why I really hate Wikipedia… This post got eight comments within 14 hours, all from angry admins. Then, it was non-admins that took their shot (most notably, “MPG”) at the Nazist regime.

Top referrer

http://mashable.com/2009/09/26/google-11th-birthday-logo/, 103 views from site

Top searches

These were the searches that were used to get to this blog:

  • “apamin weight loss” generated 58 views
  • “apamin for weight loss” with 46 views
  • “apamin smoothie” with 26 views
  • “list of swear words” with 18 views
  • “constellation art” with 11 views; tied with
  • “we detected that your feed doesn’t refle…” (11 views)

Well, go figure that the first three are related to the most popular post on this blog 🙂

Top clicks

2009 was a starting year for this blog. It underwent many changes through time, but nevertheless, got its fair share of views.

What would you like to see in 2010? Comment and we’ll look.

Note: This will replace the 2009 annual blog report and the December monthly blog report