Make Firefox look like Internet Explorer

too bad for you, you BITCH
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I like the look of Internet Explorer 8 on Windows (NOT the browser itself) since it integrates well into the Windows UI. For me, Firefox’s UI was independent and not so coherent with the Windows UI, but luckily for IE lovers, there’s some modifications you can make that almost perfectly simulates IE8 on Windows 7 (note: Mac users may have trouble with this.)

Step 1 – Download myFireFox

The myFireFox theme is the best IE theme for Firefox available. It simulate IE8 beyond the bare looks; it has the accelerator logo when you select text, and it pays attention to detail even down to the icon design and tab shading. You can download via direct link. The theme is relatively large, but only because there are many aspects of IE8 it copies.

When the theme is applied, you will notice something: the window transparency isn’t really there. To make that happen, follow Step 2.

Step 2 – Get Glasser

Glasser adds the glass frame around the address bar which myFireFox is missing.

Optional – ChromaTabs Plus

This isn’t part of the IE theme, but it works very well with the IE theme. ChromaTabs Plus adds a splash of color to your tabs based on the Favicon (or the site name). It works best in the IE theme, and it’s OK in the default Strata theme for Firefox. I like it because it makes bland tabs less bland.


Compare the screenshot at the top of this blog post, which is Firefox stylized as IE; and your Internet Explorer browser with the same stuff open. See how closely they match!