Twitter gets another redesign

According to Twitter, the new homepage brings more info about trending topics to the front lines. I totally agree with that. The previous redesign made Twitter a lot simpler, almost too simple. This time, they got it right. The things that are most prominent on the front page include:

  • A list of famous people / brands located on Twitter
  • Scrolling trending topics (that people actually care about)
  • Top tweets
  • Twitter info
  • Search

The top tweets seem to be hand-picked by the Twitter staff, as some are not retweeted by one user. In my opinion, I think they should replace that section with tweets about the most popular trending topic(s).

Overall, I would not disagree with the site redesign. It’s not monotone like the previous, and it presents more information without crowding the eyes or overloading the brain. I also find it funny that there’s a small box with a link to Twitter 101. I didn’t even know Twitter had a business guide!