A few April Fool's Internet pranks

Cows that don't produce milk? I wonder what they DO produce?

Google's name changes to Topeka (so photoshopped)

Google Books: 3D. Like that's actually going to make any difference. After all, text is supposed to be 2D ain't it?
YouTube's "TEXTp" mode, which supposedly saves a dollar a second on bandwidth costs. Considering the processing power it requres to convert video into text, I'm guessing that's a white lie.
Hootsuite, a very popular Twitter/Facebook client goes 3D, so now you can "live" inside your dashboard
The Astronomy Pic of the Day website revealed that there is a very photoshopped drinking fountain on the moon, at the same spot where Neil Armstrong landed in 1969? So how could Armstrong have missed it?

Popular photography site PetaPixel reportedly redesigns their website interface. Apparently, this was in response to the lack of female and toddler readers.

Historically, I’ve always admired Gmail’s pranks, but this year, it seems that they ran out of ideas so they just had a vowel outage on their site. However, I also found out that the Google Search counter now counts in absurd units, like “microfortnight”, “epochs”, “skidooes”, “jiffies”, “velocities of an unladen swallow”, “shakes of a lamb’s tail”, and other humorous FFF measurements.

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