Apple employee "loses" iPhone at bar. Could this be a planned leak?

Today, there was a story circulating about the Interwebs about an Apple employee who “accidentally” left an iPhone at a bar. The iPhone was found by Gizmodo (who wrote a post here), taken apart, analyzed, and then returned to the employee. Was the iPhone really forgotten? I don’t think so. There must be a reason for the Apple employee leaving the iPhone at the bar.

First of all, why would an Apple employee even be carrying around a prototype iPhone? It’s only common sense to assume that these prototypes would be confined to the lab for some time. Secondly, it was a Gizmodo employee who found the iPhone. That’s how they published a post all about the new iPhone, and posted over 30 pictures of it’s design features and insides.

This may just be one of Apple’s creative ways of leaking information. Anyone could have picked up that iPhone. An Apple employee shouldn’t be carrying around one of these things in the first place. All the details of this story lead me to believe that this wasn’t an accident, but a carefully planned leak by an Apple employee or even Apple itself.

Apple has been known to leak out big pieces of information just days before a product is released. It’s usually the same old same old: Steve Jobs going online and ranting about new features and et cetera. But Apple must have decided that a guy talking was getting to old, and thus, they came up with the “lost iPhone” leak.

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