How much time did Google Pacman waste us?

The answer: A lot.

According to, 4.82 million hours of time were wasted on PacMan. That translates into:

  • 300,000 days
  • 6,690 months [30d = 1m]
  • 550. years
  • 5.50 centuries

That’s almost half a millenium of time spent by the entire world population playing Google Pacman.

Additionally, when everyone found out that the Google Pacman logo was playable, $120 million dollars was lost in the global economy by the end of Sunday. On opening day, Google amassed 505 million unique visitors, and the game consumed around  5 million hours of work time.

This is the first time Google has done an interactive logo, but they’ve managed to place a significant dent in world productivity.

And additionally, you can still play Google Pacman by going to .

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Note: All calculations given to 3 significant figures

2 thoughts on “How much time did Google Pacman waste us?”

  1. That’s so much time wasted! I myself kept playing each time I went to google, it was too tempting. Really interesting post.

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