Random keyboard shortcuts

I don’t know about you, but I’m more of a keyboard user than a mouse user. I can navigate a computer much faster with a keyboard. This is why I’m really big on keyboard shortcuts. For example, I really despise people who don’t know Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (or Cmd, for Mac users) and instead use the mouse. Copy and paste is something that everyone knows, but here’s a few that you probably don’t.

Windows 7

  • Alt + Ctrl + Tab: Similar to Alt + Tab, but when you let go of Tab, your “window selector” remains there
  • WinKey + Space: Makes all active windows transparent letting you see the desktop.
  • WinKey + D: Minimizes all active windows, showing the desktop
  • WinKey + [number]: Will launch a program from the start bar. Pressing number “x” will launch the xth program from the left.

Firefox 3.6 +

  • Ctrl + Tab: Fast way of switching tabs, will give tab previews like Alt + Tab
  • Ctrl + [number]: Switches to the xth
    tab from the left, x being the number
  • Ctrl + J: Shows the Downloads window

If there’s any more keyboard shortcuts that I missed, leave a comment.

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