Screenr (a.k.a. magical screencasting)

Screenr is a web-based screencasting application. Here’s what they say on their homepage:

Instant screencasts for Twitter

Now you can create screencasts for your followers as easily as you tweet. Just click the record button and you’ll have your ready-to-tweet screencast in seconds.

I first heard of Screenr from a forwarded email and decided to try it out. I had been looking for screen recording software for ages, so when I saw Screenr, I was interested.


Screenr was not a disappointment like other screen recorders I’ve seen. It doesn’t:

  • Plague you with advertisements
  • Add an annoying watermark on to your screen recording
  • Require forty programs to download and install just to make one program work
  • Have a million buttons that leave you thinking “which button do I press?”
  • Expire because it’s a free trial

What it does is simply amazing:

  • Nothing to install (provided that you have Java and a web browser)
  • Simple to use
  • Records everywhere, not just on the web browser
  • Allows voice-over narration
  • Pause and continue
  • Choose the size and location where you want to record
  • Publish online automatically in full resolution
  • Screencast plays back on almost all operating systems, even iPhone OS
  • Download screencasts in a movie format

There’s only one downside to this program: The maximum length that you can record is 5 minutes.

Final rating

9.5/10. I highly recommend this software for those of you who have been digging for screen recording software with no success. This program really made my day, and I’m sure it will make your day too.

2 thoughts on “Screenr (a.k.a. magical screencasting)”

  1. I like Screenr because I don’t need to download and install anything. And the video quality is great. I wonder if Screenr can add some simple video editing features like zoom-in, highlight or what ever. Anyway, it’s cool for most users.

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