Evolution and the Ship of Theseus

While I was pondering about evolution vs. creation the other day, a paradox came into mind. It’s called the Ship of Theseus. The paradox goes like this –

One of the oldest of all thought experiments is the paradox known as the Ship of Theseus, which originated in the writings of Plutarch. It describes a ship that remained seaworthy for hundreds of years thanks to constant repairs and replacement parts. As soon as one plank became old and rotted, it would be replaced, and so on until every working part of the ship was no longer original to it. Source: TopTenz.net

In the same way, Darwin said that living this go through random mutations (like old parts being replaced with new parts) and gradually become another species. Here’s where the Ship of Theseus comes in:

If a fish evolves into a lizard, at what point does the fish become not a fish but a lizard? And if evolutionists say we came from fish, then why aren’t we still called fish? Aren’t all animals in the world just fish with all the “old parts” (fins, scales, etc.) replaced with new parts?

Likewise, creation states that God made all organisms unique. Zebras are zebras, not refurbished fish.

The Ship of Theseus and Evolution are ready for a big conflict.

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