A list of dislikes, PART 1

A list of the stuff that my life could be without

Ok, usually, I post about things I like, but occasionally, you just gotta let it out, you know what I’m saying?

But hey, this isn’t just going to be a list of dislikes, I’ll explain why I dislike it (as best as I can), promise.

  • Traffic – Ok, I don’t drive yet, but whenever I encounter traffic, I’m always thinking “After 100 years of cars on the road, hasn’t somebody found out a way to reduce traffic?” And…
  • Seattle drivers– Can we stop calling them “drivers”, because seriously, nobody in Seattle knows anything about proper driving etiquette! FOR EXAMPLE:

    Also, There was this one driver the other day that was in some kind of rush, and he was just weaving in and out of lanes going at around 80MPH. Which gives me an idea: Instead of posting the IP addresses of spammers on my Hall of Shame, why not post the license plate numbers of idiot drivers?
  • Seattle rain – At this point, I don’t even know why I moved to Seattle. All we get is 10 days of sunshine, and 355 days of rain. OK, I’m exaggerating but you get the idea. Rain just makes me feel sleepy, even after getting 9 hours of sleep. And that feeling is a lousy feeling for me 😡
  • Coffee – Another Seattle-related item (because, you know, we have tons of Starbucks‘ around here?) I cannot stand the taste
  • Loud people – Those people who think they’re really important and have to be at the center of EVERYTHING, need I say more? (Although I admit, I can be one of those people sometimes)
  • Since I can’t describe it in words:
    No, not black people. Saggers. You know, those people who wear their pants extra low and think they’re so “cool.” They call it fashion. I call it a disgrace. Nobody wants to see your flowered underwear that your gramma bought you!!!
  • Rap – I swear, I’ve listened to some rap songs a million times and I still can’t figure out what they’re saying (thank God for MetroLyrics). I do however, respect the fact that rap = poetry
  • Poetry – Just never enjoyed it
  • Reading – English is my worst subject, so it figures that I find reading boring, unless it’s SciFi or something I pick, not somebody else picks for me
  • People who deliberately make grammatical/spelling mistakes It’s a waste of my time to go through their papers and make a ton of red marks on their papers. However, sometimes it’s pretty hilarious, like this post on my Minecraft server’s forums:

    We been me bullfox And hammy321 but i am sure that it will not just be me and hammy that will be anoyed with this any way i think that it is unfare that we should not be aloud in the neather world i know that only moderators are aloud in but creepy is not and moderator and he seems to be aloud in the nether world and he is only aloud in the neather world because he has some relation to Dal who is a moderator.

    I cannot resist laughing every time I read that.

  • Seaweed – Makes me want to puke. However, the dried seaweed in sushi is just fine!
  • Tofu – same feeling as seaweed
  • Overly greasy foods – After eating a few bites, I already feel full. And just from one food alone. I don’t want to eat every meal consisting of greased porkchop and have that be it!

Well that’s all the hate  I can pump out right now, but don’t worry, there WILL be a Part II!!!

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  1. Loud people – Those people who think they’re really important and have to be at the center of EVERYTHING, need I say more?
    I agree …

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