If you could play any instrument, what would you play?

“If you could play any instrument, what would you play?”

Good question!

Well, as of right now, the instruments I do know how to play are piano and violin. If I could play any instrument…

…ok, I’m going to tweak this question.

If I could play any instruments, I would play every single instrument in the orchestra! Yes! And here’s why:

  1. I can’t make up my mind on a single instrument.
  2. Each instrument has its own unique qualities, and dare I say, personalities. For example, the flute is flirtatious while the double bass is lively and energetic, and the timpani are extremely ambitious.
  3. If I could play every single instrument in the orchestra, what I would do is take an orchestral piece, learn every part on every instrument, make 20 or so recordings (depending on the number of parts), each recording with me playing a different instrument or part, and stitch all the recordings together in Audacity! Then, I could burn it to a CD and sell it and call it “the only orchestra in the world with one and only one person.” Imagine how much money that would make me!
  4. I could substitute for any missing players.
  5. Learning how to play all the instruments would be a great life challenge/project. It would also cost me a lot of money for those instruments, but imagine, I’ll have an entire mini-symphony sitting in my room!
  6. This would be a great thing to mention if I had to state a unique talent that I have.
  7. I could go to the music store and try out all the instruments, instead of just the electric pianos.
  8. 20X instruments learned = 20,000% better chance of making it into a professional orchestra. 20K PERCENT!
  9. After learning percussion instruments, I could make music with anything. Ever heard of that group STOMP?

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