Happy 2nd anniversary, Thought Box!

Today, May 30, marks the second anniversary of this blog. I wouldn’t have known and the day would have passed by just normally, but thanks to Google Calendar, the fact that it was already my blog’s 2nd anniversary gave me quite a shock!

I started writing here two years ago, and now this blog has accumulated:

  • 176 posts
  • 22 categories
  • 586 tags, which I desperately need to clean up
  • 313 comments, and best of all, no spam, thanks to Akismet!

What’s changed since last year

One of the most significant developments that helped my blog this year was Post A Week 2011. No longer did I have to prance around my bedroom thinking of exciting, but not too specific, topics to write on my blog. Sadly, I wasn’t able to keep my commitment  to making one post per week, but here were some of the posts that came as a result of Post-A-Week 2011:

Other times, I’ve just been passively reading the topics. Some of them were very thought-provoking, like “How do you decide what risks to take?” Some of them are just silly, like “If your house was on fire, what would you grab first?” Oh, and look what I just came across: “Where do you get your ideas?” In the near future, I might peruse through some of the Daily Post topics and write about them.

This year has been an extraordinarily busy year for me. If you’ve noticed, the number of posts per day has steadily declined starting from my blog’s first anniversary. But hey, it’s almost summer time which means more time to do everything, including sleeping in and blogging!

I’m also glad to see that WordPress has added a few new themes, some of which I love very much. Right now, my blog’s theme is Mystique, and that might change as newer and better themes come out. Boy, I can just not make up my mind on a theme, can I? I guess I’ve changed my theme at least 10 times now, and 4 times in the past year!

Blog Highlights from last year

My favorite posts:

My favorite comments:

And, I consider you a friend! Not quite yet best friend, but I’m hoping that we will get to know each other better in the time to come! 🙂 – A. Lee

Its time to put IE6(The Ancient bowser). Pls suggest to your friends and family members to stop using this obsolete browser 🙂 – Techpraveen

Wikipedia started as a beautiful experiment in freedom but is now a totalitarian bureaucracy. Like many on this thread, i agree that “anyone can edit” as long as you are an admin.  – Emmanuelm

You’re so right, but the FIRST lie in that commercial is “Did you know that eating less than 1000 calories a day can actually cause you to GAIN weight?” I cringe everytime that crap comes on. It is true that so few calories will cause your body to go into “starvation mode” and you will lose weight slower, for a while. But you only have to look at pictures of starving children in Africa or of the Holocaust to know the fallacy of that lie. – Dr Lit

you wrote: At this stage in life, I think it’s better if humans just died off at a certain point…
yes, imagine, Hitler would still be alive, Stalin, Pol Pot, Sadam Hussein etc. – on the other hand, me? why not 🙂 Maybe after some hundred years I could reach my goal to become the Pope in Rome? – frizztext

Wikipedia is getting out of control. With its structure, or lack of structure, control and leadership, it becomes an entity which is “managed” despotically by some “administrators”, whom god knows what personal agendas have, but in my opinion it is disturbing; double-standard all the time, they always enforce their point of view, based on one of many Wikipedia principles, but on the next page/article they brake exactly the same principle, because…they find a reason, or if not they just don’t give any reason to enforce their way, or if you are too loud, they label you vandal, abuser, etc and they block you. – Lolita

What’s coming up?

  • Getting rid of the Hall of Shame, it’s becoming an eye sore. However, for those of you who want to download it, I will copy that table onto an Excel file and all of ya can download it and make fun of those spammers!
  • Gonna try to blog some more, and not be so restrictive about what I write about.
  • Going to try to expand my audience to include avid music lovers and listeners.
  • Funny stories from my life!
  • Feature some of my friends, hopefully?
  • YOU are the author! Now, more than ever before, I’m going to feature your ideas and suggestions. Yes, go ahead and submit your ideas and I’ll write about them!

I hope 2011-2012 will be a better blogging year!