Coming soon! Musical dissection


Musical dissection, as I call it, will soon be a new set of blog posts on Thought Box. Each post will focus on a piece from Classical literature (sorry, pop music fans, I’m not too big on that stuff).

Basically, I will find a piece of music anywhere from the Baroque to the Contemporary literature time span. There will be a background on the piece, background on the composer, a Youtube video of a performance, and a measure-by-measure analysis.

Now you may be questioning, “what gave you the idea to do this?”

I’ve been to many concerts, where they hand out programs that have not only the pieces that the orchestra will play, but also an analysis and background of the piece(s). Those program notes were my inspiration. However, I was disapp0inted every time that the analysis of the piece was very short; just a few sentences does not suffice. I wanted to create something that really delves into the heart of the piece and allows the listener to hear the piece from a composer’s viewpoint, not just a listener’s viewpoint. And I’m excited to start!

I believe that you don’t have to be a professional musician or a professor to write articles like this, you just have to have an appreciation of music.

If you want to send me suggestions for pieces to do a dissection on, or if you want to write a Musical dissection yourself, feel free! Send me the suggestion or post via the Contact page and, if I like it, I will feature it!

(I am also going to overhaul the Category system on this blog. Stay tuned for details.)