Interactive Project: The Hello Wall

This is another example of a great project that uses social networking crowd-sourcing. I re-discovered this while looking through my Twitter following list. Check it out:

The project gathers @replies and mentions from Twitter, and displays an animation on a giant screen mounted on a building based on users’ tweets. (When it first came out, it was mounted in London, but now, it’s looking for a place to stay.)

How it works

You send an @reply to its Twitter account, @thehellowall, using a combination of the following commands:

  • circle
  • square
  • rectangle
  • triangle
  • shake
  • faster
  • slower
  • bigger
  • smaller
  • And HTML colors.

A command could look like this:

@thehellowall White circles bigger

The Wall will interpret your command, and display it instantly. It’s that simple!

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