Making the most of your USB: Autorun.inf

Does that window look familiar? Ever wish you could customize it with options such as:

  • opening a file,
  • opening a website, or
  • running a program?

Guess what?

You can. And here’s how!

  1. Create an autorun.inf file. This is the file that will contain your customizations. Put it in your flash drive (not in a folder though.) Open it in TextEdit or any text editor.
  2. At the top of the file, type “[autorun]” (without quotes, of course), then hit Enter.
  3. There are now a variety of ways you can customize the autorun. Just follow the examples below:
    • Naming your USB drive: label = Name of usb drive
    • Giving your USB drive an icon: icon = Iconname.ico OR ProgramName.exe (in the latter case, the USB icon will be the ProgramName’s icon.
    • Opening a program:open = ProgramName.exe
      action = Description that will be shown in the window
    • Opening up a website:shellexecute =

An example of an autorun.inf file:

label=Deathgleaner's awesome drive
action=Open up Deathgleaner's website and Eclipse.exe

In this case, clicking on the option in the box will open up Eclipse as well as this blog.

For more tips, check out this website.

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