Want to visualize your music? Try Synthesia!

A long time ago, I covered MuseScore, an application that can typeset your music as well as play it back.

And now, for something completely similar…

Originally developed as a game to train people how to play piano, Synthesia is equally adept at playing back your music. Instead of a bunch of notes on five-line staves, Synthesia uses a Guitar-Hero-esque approach, by translating notes in a MIDI file into colorful falling bars that strike a keyboard. The advantage of this visualization is that everyone, including non-musicians, can understand what’s going on in the music.

Take a look at the videos below:

Try it out

Synthesia has a free version, and a Learning Pack that extends its capabilities. For most users, though, the $25 upgrade isn’t necessary to enjoy all the great features it already has.

URL: http://synthesiagame.com/