Help! I have a project due tomorrow and I haven't started!

We’ve all done this before. It’s 8:00pm on a Sunday, the night before a big project is due. You haven’t started the project, or you’re only halfway through, because you’ve been battling your way through a League of Legends or MW3 tournament. What do you do now?

The procrastinators will start the project right away, working their way through the night and through three Monsters and countless cups of coffee. The truly lazy, nerdy, and risk-taking student, however, will use The Document Corrupter without a second thought. It’s a simple process. You upload your unfinished essay or research paper to the website, and it will spit out a corrupt document that you can take to your teacher and complain.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that your teacher will give you an extra day, so use at your own risk!