SkiFree– Relive the nostalgia

If you grew up in the ’80s or the ’90s, then you might remember this game. It’s called SkiFree, and it came with every copy of Windows (until XP, I believe.) Basically, you are a skiier perpetually going downhill, trying to avoid trees, other skiers, those weird joker people, and worst of all… the Abominable Snow Monster! Take a look and see if you remember it:

SkiFree screenshot

If you’re having a nostalgia attack right now, I forgive you. I had one when I found out about this game.

To read more about this amazing 90’s game, and for a free download, click here.

One thought on “SkiFree– Relive the nostalgia”

  1. I remembered the first time I dodged the bear. I was so hyped.

    For the 1.5 seconds I was alive until the second one got me ha ha.

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