Get the color code of any pixel on your screen with a simple widget

Many a time I’ve stumbled across a fantastic-looking web page and wondered, “wow, what color/color scheme is that page using? I’d like to use it in my design.” Now if only I could stop wondering and start finding out…

Fortunately, the guys at have come up with the perfect tool — Instant Eyedropper. It’s a Windows application (more like a widget for its diminuitive 415-KB size) that goes right in your system tray. It’s out of the way when you don’t need it, and ready to use when you do need it. And unlike browser addons, Instant Eyedropper worksanywhere on your screen; your color-picking isn’t limited to your browser window.

So how simple is it to use, you wonder? You click the Eyedropper icon:

…press and hold the mouse until you get the color you want:

…release, and voila! The color code is automatically saved into your clipboard, so you can just paste it into your source code.

“But wait, I don’t use HTML!” That’s okay! The Instant Eyedropper can give you the color of a pixel in six different formats, including RGB and Hexadecimal.

Instant Eyedropper installs in seconds, is lightning-fast, and very user-friendly. I recommend this application (widget) to anyone who does web design or likes looking at colors.

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