You know your car’s mileage… what about your mouse’s?

According to Popular Science magazine, the average computer mouse at a work office moves 91 miles per year, about 1/4 mile per day. That’s about 1,320 feet; 70 feet more than the Empire State building.

Now that you’re curious to find out your mouse’s mileage, head on over to Black Sun Software and download their free Mousotron, which tracks not only the total distance traveled by your mouse, but also the number of clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and cursor speed. While the application does look quite retro, it does its job remarkably well. All you need to provide for the application is your screen size.

Mousotron screenshot

What’s even better, you can submit your Mousotron data to their website and compare your computer usage with that of over 1,300 users. I’ll bet that some of those users have more miles on their mouse than they do on their car!

Download link (Direct):