A racing website… for typers!

If you are a blazing fast typist looking to stare down other typers from around the world, or just an intermediate typist working on increasing your WPM, TypeRacer is the website for you. Like the WikiGame, you race players around the world in a digital competition, aiming for the glory of first place and possibly top in the leaderboards. However, unlike WikiGame, your mission is not to click as fast as possible, but rather to type as fast as possible.

Since its inception way back in 2008, TypeRacer has become the most popular spot for avid racers. Over a million users  from all over the world have competed in over thirty-eight million races. If each race was an Indy 500, the total time of the races would be over 130 centuries. And this number goes up virtually every second!

Upon entering a TypeRacer race, you are given a paragraph from a book to dash off as fast as possible. Your speed and that of other players are represented by miniature Slug Bugs on a virtual racetrack; the faster you type, the faster your car goes. If you start consistently winning first place in your races, you could see your name on the daily high-scores list! The highest score I’ve seen so far is a whopping 254 WPM, which in my mind, is not possible without some ingenious contraption that presses the keys for you.

My speed is 0 WPM, since I was taking this screenshot.

If you’re not a big-time competitor, don’t fret. TypeRacer offers a practice mode, and automatically logs your WPM. It displays these results as a table and as a line graph when you need it, and with that, you can see your trend and how you’ve improved.

TypeRacer is a great website. I definitely recommend trying it out; who knows, you might get really into it!