[MILESTONE] Thought Box hits 50k views!

I may have missed it, but nevertheless, on Friday, September 21, 2012 PST, Thought Box saw it’s 50 thousandth visitor!

This blog has been a tremendous success, and I thank my readers for reading and critiquing my content. When I created this blog on an unassuming May evening back in 2009, I never would have thought that so many people would read it. Now, thanks to various promotions I’ve done on sites such as BlogSurfer and Stumbleupon, this blog racks in an average 41.5 views per day!

In the future, if my personal finances allow it, I will move this blog to deathgleaner.com, a more accessible domain. I still cannot believe it when I go to that site, and it’s STILL open! What nice people we have, to save me a spot!

Blogging may be a huge undertaking for me, but it’s totally worth it seeing how many people come by and read my content. Another HUGE thank you to all my Thought Box readers!