Room escapes: a neglected gaming genre

Online games encompass a huge variety of genres, from FPSes to MMORPGs to Sandbox games, of which my personal favorite, Minecraft, resides. However, all of these big genres over-shadow a small yet important category of games: Room escapes.

These sorts of games are excellent for the wanna-be detective, the future FBI agent, or anyone who enjoys a couple hours of challenging thinking. The objective of each escape game is simple: use the objects provided in a room and find the exit to your freedom. Finding these objects and putting them to good use, however, is an entirely different matter.

The most famous of the hundreds of room escape games on the Internet are created by Japan-based game creator Mya. His website, contains the product of his creative imagination. To date, there are 9 escape puzzles, including three Christmas-themed escapes, each with its own difficulty and set of challenges to be surmounted.

To play, click around the room and look for objects. Typically, they’re hiding everywhere, but not always in the obvious spots. You may find a ball under a seat cushion, or a newspaper clipping under a chair. Mya gets very creative as to where he hides things, so beware!


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