Place windows on top no matter what

Computers with small monitors weren’t really meant for multitasking, yet today that’s all that we use computers for. Of course, large-screen computers can easily handle email, Facebook, Minecraft, and whatever other applications a user might have open. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us don’t carry around giant-screen computers capable of multitasking.

By multitasking, I mean having two windows open at the same time and being able to see them both without Alt-Tabbing through windows. On a small-screen computer, multitasking often involves rapid switching between windows or tabs, which in the long run is very time-consuming. It’s the reason why we have multi-screen monitor displays, so that one spends less time switching between windows.

An alternative to dual-screens for small-screen users is divvying up their screen into halves, and placing windows on either half. However, what if you wanted an overlain window to always stay on top no matter where you click? This scenario would come into play say, if you’re watching a soccer game while writing a blog post.

This is where a clever software by Labnol comes in. It’s called Always on Top and it’s ridiculously simple to use. All you have to do is download the application and run it. There is a single control to toggle the always on top feature for any application: Ctrl+Space.

For those interested in the technical details, AOT’s source code contains a single line of code:

^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

It’s AutoHotKey code!

The application goes beyond keeping your favorite TV shows open while you surf the Internet. Imagine using Excel, and having the calculator utility right on top. However you like to use it, AOT downloads in an instant, starts up in an instant, and takes an instant to activate!

Download link: