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Clearly, I have not used this domain in several months. That’s because I moved to back in late December.

Thought Box will be moving shortly!

Hello readers!

It is with great happiness that I announce… I have FINALLY got my own website for this blog! is mine!

In the meantime, I am waiting for the WordPress importer plugin to be updated for Ver 3.5 so that I can transfer all the files and settings from this blog to the other blog. I will keep you updated so that you can know when to change your bookmarks.

This is a fantastic moment for Thought Box and I’m sure you will agree!


Having a few serious problems with WordPress installation:

  1. Tried it the first time, installing it at /blog. It worked, but there were a few subtle glitches: The Add New Post page rendered very strangely and Featured images widget encountered a PHP error. Uninstalled.
  2. Try 2: Wouldn’t install.

All that, plus the fact that it takes 10+ minutes to upload the WordPress 3.5 files over FTP might mean that my blog won’t be set up for the next few days…

Update 2:

Yep, more and more headaches. Apparently, 000webhost’s php.ini file only allows imports up to 2MB, and mine was about 2.3MB. I had to manually, painstakingly winnow the exported blog file down, which took me about an hour.

When I finally managed to get it to 2MB, I uploaded it into the WordPress importer. Then, another lovely error, just what I needed.

Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/user/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 91

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ll look into the issue when I come back tomorrow.

Update 3

FIXED!!!! This blog will now redirect to đŸ™‚

Crazy, insane performance of the Galop-Marche by Albert Lavignac! Yes, it’s 4 pianists to one piano, and very limited space (each pianist gets only about 2 octaves). Because of the limited space, some of the playing and page-turning is absolutely, ridiculously creative. The first time I watched this, I laughed all the way through!

Today, while I was driving to do some errands, I heard news of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. 27 people dead, including the gunman. 20 of the victims were children, who had so much to look forward to.

As I think back to the disturbing news of the Newtown shooting today, I think to myself,…

What if I were a father of a child who went to Sandy Hook Elementary? What would I be telling him or her?
Would I have anything to say at all?

I am at a loss of words for all the innocent, wonderful people who lost their lives today. I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain that the relatives and friends of these victims are going through.

My prayers are with those who are grieving from the terrible events of today. May peace be with you.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

While Seattle doesn’t get much snow, that won’t interrupt this blog’s annual Winter tradition. From now until January 4, you can see snowfall 24/7 on this wonderful blog. It’s interactive too, because it responds to your mouse motions.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hopefully we’ll get a decent amount of real snow this year.

Restaurant review: MOD Pizza

Mod Pizza imageToday, as I was leisurely strolling on University Way NE (The Ave, as most college students refer to it), I came across an unassuming place called MOD Pizza. Since I was hungry, and in the mood for some good pizza, I decided to walk in and take a look.

Finding the entrance was the hardest part. It was on a run-down side street, instead of being in the front as one would normally expect. Once in the restaurant, though, I felt invited by the relaxed atmosphere brought about by the architecture and lighting. What really distinguished MOD was the customizability of the pizzas. For no extra cost, I added 15 of my favorite toppings from the 28 available toppings, which ranged from pepperocini peppers to Canadian bacon. Using a bit of math, choosing any of 28 available toppings produces over 268 million different pizzas!
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