Thought Box will be moving shortly!

Hello readers!

It is with great happiness that I announce… I have FINALLY got my own website for this blog! is mine!

In the meantime, I am waiting for the WordPress importer plugin to be updated for Ver 3.5 so that I can transfer all the files and settings from this blog to the other blog. I will keep you updated so that you can know when to change your bookmarks.

This is a fantastic moment for Thought Box and I’m sure you will agree!


Having a few serious problems with WordPress installation:

  1. Tried it the first time, installing it at /blog. It worked, but there were a few subtle glitches: The Add New Post page rendered very strangely and Featured images widget encountered a PHP error. Uninstalled.
  2. Try 2: Wouldn’t install.

All that, plus the fact that it takes 10+ minutes to upload the WordPress 3.5 files over FTP might mean that my blog won’t be set up for the next few days…

Update 2:

Yep, more and more headaches. Apparently, 000webhost’s php.ini file only allows imports up to 2MB, and mine was about 2.3MB. I had to manually, painstakingly winnow the exported blog file down, which took me about an hour.

When I finally managed to get it to 2MB, I uploaded it into the WordPress importer. Then, another lovely error, just what I needed.

Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/user/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 91

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ll look into the issue when I come back tomorrow.

Update 3

FIXED!!!! This blog will now redirect to 🙂

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

While Seattle doesn’t get much snow, that won’t interrupt this blog’s annual Winter tradition. From now until January 4, you can see snowfall 24/7 on this wonderful blog. It’s interactive too, because it responds to your mouse motions.

Happy Holidays everyone! Hopefully we’ll get a decent amount of real snow this year.

Temporary hiatus

Hello blog readers!

As you may have noticed I have not posted here in a while. It’s one of those times in the year where my life gets chaotic and the blog gets tucked away for a bit. I do wish that I could write a blog post every single day, but that’s still a dream.

But rest assured, Thought Box will return to normal!

If you are interested, I am writing a Top 20 list for Hopefully it will be selected and published on the front page! If that happens, I will let you know.


Update: Just finished the Top 18 list. If it’s approved, you will see it shortly!

Whoa! How could I have missed it?

Yesterday was my blog’s third birthday. Yet, I did not remember until I got in bed at 10pm last night. What a shame on me.

With that aside, happy slightly-belated birthday to Thought Box! It continues to grow, and I am looking towards moving this blog out of the domain, onto a hosted domain (namely This setup will allow for more flexibility on my part, as well as even hosting a Minecraft server on that website (gasp.)

Thank you to all the readers that have been keeping up with this blog! While still small, it continues to grow, and that’s what matters.

Home away from home

Hey guys,

I’m currently NOT at home in Seattle right now. In fact, I’m going to be in Yakima over the weekend.

The Internet connection at the Howard Johnson is absolutely abominable, so there won’t be many new media-rich and exciting blog posts. Sorry about that, blame HoJo for putting happy balls on their WiFi antennas.

Till I get back!

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“Life is a journey, not a destination”

This post isn’t any ordinary post. It’s the 200th post in Thought Box history.

Way back in May of 2009, I started this blog, very unclear of what to write about. Eventually, I found a niche in the fields of science and technology, which are my two passions. Here’s a timeline of this blog’s milestones:

A graphic representation for those of you visual learners (including me):

Like that quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, this blog will never stop growing. Who knows when No. 500, No. 1000, or even more, will come out?

Then again, I don’t blog because of the milestones. I blog because I love it!