I Took a Fall

Yesterday, I was riding my bike to my piano teacher’s house. I was going down a large decline and made it down without any injuries. All of a sudden, I started slowing down and my bike just tilted to the left. I knew I was going to fall.

Normally, I would be able to break the fall in some way without injuring myself, but today was my unlucky day. I fell and scraped the skin off my left elbow, bruised my shoulder, made minor cuts in my hand and wrist, cut the back of my knee and scraped the skin off the front of my knee. Luckily a passing-by lady was able to help me so I made it to my piano teacher’s house, where I was wrapped in bandages.

When I got home, my parents assumed that I broke my rib and all the bones in my left arm when in reality I didn’t injure any bones. They bought some surgical pads and placed it on my wounds.

Today, I’m staying at home looking at these huge bandages wrapped around my elbow and shoulder. Tomorrow, I have hiking, but I doubt I’ll be able to go.