Run multiple instances of Firefox

Firefox is a great browser, but one thing it doesn’t let you do is open multiple instances of it. This can be useful say, if you have a dual-screen computer or if you’re a beta tester and would like to compare versions of Firefox. For me, Firefox won’t let me open more than one window from the Start bar, so I use this trick to pass that restriction.

To allow the running of multiple instances, follow these steps:
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How to make downloads faster (possibly)

Having a laboriously slow Internet connection, I get excited when my download speeds go upwards of 150 KB/s. Unfortunately at that rate, it takes a seeming eternity to download large files.

Recently, however, I stumbled upon a neat trick that may speed up downloading of large files on a bad connection. Note that I say may, as it may depend on which ISP you use and as it is currently just a theory, meaning it may not actually speed up your download.

All we need is a browser that has the capability of pausing downloads and resuming them later. I’m going to use Firefox for this demonstration.
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Making the most of your USB: Autorun.inf

Does that window look familiar? Ever wish you could customize it with options such as:

  • opening a file,
  • opening a website, or
  • running a program?

Guess what?

You can. And here’s how!

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