[REBLOG] Top 10 most guarded places on Earth

It seems that Listverse removed this post! What a tragedy!

The need for security is essential to our survival. This is especially the case with certain things, whose secrets are so important that they require some of the highest levels of security in the world: below, you’ll see military bases, intelligence centers and other facilities which are given unbelievable protection by their governments. What do they have in common? If you try enter any of these places without permission, then you’ll soon find out.
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Happy 2nd anniversary, Thought Box!

Today, May 30, marks the second anniversary of this blog. I wouldn’t have known and the day would have passed by just normally, but thanks to Google Calendar, the fact that it was already my blog’s 2nd anniversary gave me quite a shock!

I started writing here two years ago, and now this blog has accumulated:

  • 176 posts
  • 22 categories
  • 586 tags, which I desperately need to clean up
  • 313 comments, and best of all, no spam, thanks to Akismet!

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A list of dislikes, PART 1

A list of the stuff that my life could be without

Ok, usually, I post about things I like, but occasionally, you just gotta let it out, you know what I’m saying?

But hey, this isn’t just going to be a list of dislikes, I’ll explain why I dislike it (as best as I can), promise.
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Thank you WordPress Theme Team!

2010 Theme

In a very short amount of time the WordPress Theme Team has provided WordPress.com users with a plethora of new themes. It seems like new themes are coming out every week! As I preview these themes, they seem so much newer and fresher than the old ones. I have still yet to find one that matches this blog perfectly.

In the meantime, here’s some of the new themes that have been released:

These are all fantastic themes. Thank you WordPress Theme Team!

Happy 4th Birthday Twitter!

Dear Twitter, Happy 4th Birthday!

Along with Facebook, YouTube, and Myspace, you have revolutionized our lives. Whether it’s good or bad, I’d like to say Happy Birthday with some lists and infographics:

Twitter tweets accelerate to 50 million per day
The Path to 1 Billion Tweets (by Mashable)

Favorites of Twitter:

  • Retweet feature
  • Flashcard feature
  • Minor word tweaks
  • Echofon Twitter app released
  • Interface (simple and straightforward)

Dislikes of Twitter:

  • Spam
  • Constant phishing attacks
  • Not a lot of people (like Facebook)

You can follow me (@Deathgleaner) or my blog (@tboxblog) on Twitter.

Twitter's 385 banned passwords

Did you know that there are 386 passwords that you can’t use to log in to your account? It’s true! But, that 386 less passwords for hackers to try to guess 🙂 (of course, if you pick a secure password no one’s gonna get it.) How do we know? These passwords are all in a comma-delimited list of banned passwords in the Twitter.com/signup source code. Continue reading “Twitter's 385 banned passwords”

Happy 200th Birthday, Chopin!

Chopin at the pianoToday, we celebrate the birthday of a historic composer, Frederic Chopin. Chopin was born in 1810 in Poland, and later moved to France. He was the poet of the piano, writing pieces with greater emotional depth than ever seen before. Although he rarely performed in public, his pieces show his virtuosic talent as a composer and a performer. He died in 1849, and his heart was put in a special container and now resides at a church.

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