Check password strength against this Password Nazi

Try telling Password Nazi that your password is strong. Chances are, he’ll probably laugh in your face.

The Password Nazi that I’m taking about is actually a website, It is by far the most thorough password checker I’ve encountered, checking over 15 aspects affecting PW strength such as number of characters, repeated characters, presence of symbols, and other factors. It takes your password and runs it through several algorithms, which can either add or deduct points based on the characteristics of your password. For example, repeated character will deduct from  your score 1 point per character, while symbols earn you six points a piece.

Test out your password, and post your results below. My current password (not telling!) has a score of 70%, even though I consider it quite strong. Unfortunately, 70% will barely let you pass in a high-school class.

Twitter's 385 banned passwords

Did you know that there are 386 passwords that you can’t use to log in to your account? It’s true! But, that 386 less passwords for hackers to try to guess 🙂 (of course, if you pick a secure password no one’s gonna get it.) How do we know? These passwords are all in a comma-delimited list of banned passwords in the source code. Continue reading “Twitter's 385 banned passwords”